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OCC May 2021
Oʻahu County Committee, 5/1/2021.

March 19, 2022 Convention
O‘ahu County Democrats

via ZOOM (log in info to be announced)

According to County Bylaws (sec. 12.1.2): The business and purposes of the County's Annual Convention in even-numbered years shall be limited to and dedicated to the following work relating to the State Party:
  1. Elect the County Representatives to the SCC;
  2. Consider and vote on proposals for the State Biennial Convention to amend the DPH Constitution, Bylaws, and Platform; and
  3. Consider and vote on resolutions addressing State-wide, National, or International policies that can be proposed to the delegates of the DPH Biennial Convention on behalf of O?ahu County Democrats

    [See OCD Bylaws Sec. 12.4 for the description of the convention's "delegate body"]

  • Oʻahu County eConvention Standing Rules, adopted by OCC January 8, 2022

  • Oʻahu County eConvention Committee Rules, adopted by OCC January 8, 2022
    NOTE: Rule 2.2.2. Voting members will access the respective committee meetings via the OCC zoom account with a computer or other internet enabled device using the login link (URL) provided in the call of the meeting which will include the meeting ID and password. Except for the parliamentarian, access by non-voting attendees (guests) will be limited to sign in via the meeting's call in number.

    SUBMISSION DEADLINE: February 21, 2022




Article IV of the Constitution of the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi establishes Oʻahu County Democrats as the County Organization of the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi. Between our County Conventions, the affairs of the Oʻahu County Democrats (OCD) are subject to the Oʻahu County Committee (OCC).

Oʻahu County's Special & Standing Rules & Procedures

Additional Procedures and Special Rules for Online Meetings Using ZOOM

While all are welcome to attend meetings of the Oʻahu County Committee (refer to our calendar), the voting body is limited to the 35 District Council Chairpersons, the 9 Regional Chairpersons, the Oʻahu County Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and the two Oʻahu County Representatives to the State Central Committee of the Democratioc Party of Hawaiʻi. Proxy Voting Instructions for Region & District Council Chairpersons. For more details refer to the Bylaws


We, the members of the Oʻahu County Democratic Party, united in common purpose, dedicate ourselves to the core principles of the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi.

As the people's party, it is our mission to create opportunities for free and open political dialogue in regional and district communities to promote civic engagement, political action, and community solidarity. And, as a servant of the dreams and aspirations of Hawai‘i's people, we acknowledge that if we wish to lead, we must listen and be open to being transformed by what we hear. Moreover, if we ask for the people's trust, we must in turn trust the wisdom of the people.

To do this effectively, we understand that we need to activate, mobilize and empower party members, and revitalize our county organization for the challenges ahead in the 21st century. Through a re-energized county organization, we will endeavor to bring together members of the party, elected officials, interested citizens, and community leaders to build a cosmopolitan society that will manifest the Aloha Spirit at its core and in every facet of community life.

Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi
Oʻahu County Committee
P.O. Box 1793
Honolulu HI 96806-1793